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Accounts & Finance Assistant (Re-advertised)

The Accounts & Finance Assistant is mainly responsible for day-to-day tasks concerning the accounting and finance aspect of the organisation which are:

1. Ensuring bookkeeping is in order at the end of every month.
This includes compiling relevant supporting documentation, matching the receipts with the bank statements, maintaining data entry in the accounting system, and promptly updating the contributions database.

2. Updating financial records.
This includes filing the monthly accounts, liaising with the Administrative and Human Resources Officer on the upkeep of financial and grant files such as opening and closing files, and preparing files for the auditing process.

3. Keeping track of accounts payable and receivable.
This includes compiling office bills for payments, preparing payment vouchers, cheque payments and other financial documents, and ensuring suppliers and project expenses are paid on time.

4. Assisting in the preparation of financial reports.
This includes compiling invoices, receipts, payment vouchers, quotations and other relevant documents, and fact-checking with Project Officers on activity expenses for the reporting period.


As part of a support system to MCCHR, the Accounts & Finance Assistant is also responsible in other areas which are:

5. Assisting in logistical preparations for activities and events.
This includes preparing payment vouchers for per diems, ensuring the payment vouchers are signed with complete details, and making cash/cheque payments during MCCHR’s activities and events.

6. Assisting the Finance Officer in Financial Meetings with the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors.
This includes compiling data for financial projections, setting up a Finance meeting, and minute-taking.

7. Assisting in the company’s governance matters i.e. Accountants, Auditors, Tax Agents, Company Secretaries and/or other related regulatory bodies.
This includes compiling data and supporting documentation, substantiating responses to queries, and securing the board’s signatures for resolutions and other governance documents.


Experience, Qualification, and Language Requirement

This position does not require any specific experience but relevant work experience is preferred.

An ideal candidate should possess a diploma or a degree in accounting or other related fields, e.g. business administration. Another professional license, accreditation or licence is desirable.

Proficiency in English is required for this position. Another language proficiency is a plus.


Key Competencies

The candidate should be fairly good in mathematics and skilful at Microsoft Excel. They should be knowledgeable in generally accepted accounting principles and attentive to details. They must master basic organisation and office management skills and can demonstrate a keenness to work with others and maintain good relations.

They should also be able to adapt to a dynamic working environment and be accessible and responsible when working remotely. The candidate must be able to work within company policies and processes and be able and willing to travel.



Please prepare a personalised CV or resume detailing your professional experience and educational background. You may include a one-page cover letter stating your motivation to apply for the position.

In your CV or resume, do not include your picture, age, gender/sex, race/ethnicity, religion/faith, citizenship/nationality, familial/marital status, health/pregnancy status, disability status, or other information that is not relevant to the position and may expose your application to bias.

You do not need to provide professional reference contacts and copies of achievement certificates at this stage. We will only need these if you are shortlisted for the position.


Online Application

Please submit your application online through one of the following websites:

The application deadline is 11:59 PM on Friday, 31 December 2021.

You may direct questions about this opportunity to [email protected].

Human Rights Internship 2021/2022

This internship programme offers students hands-on work experience in human rights advocacy. Application is open all year round and there is no deadline to apply. However, this internship is highly competitive as we have very limited places available.

We advise prospective interns to apply at least 60 days before their intended start date. We aim to process every application within 30 days of submission and we will invite shortlisted applicants to go through a selection process which typically includes a written test and an interview session.

Please read MCCHR Internship Policy before submitting an application. In the Application Form, we will ask you to upload your CV or résumé and provide two academic or professional references. You will also need to sign in to your Google Account to complete the form.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications, we may not be able to respond to applicants who are not shortlisted for the selection process. If you do not receive any update from MCCHR within 90 days of your application, you may try again by submitting a fresh application.

For more information about the internship programme, please email [email protected].

Internship Policy (PDF, 317kB)

Internship Application (Sign-in Required)