PeopleACT is an UndiMsia! intiative. It is run by a group of human rights defenders from different non-profit organisations in Malaysia. Its mission is to make the cyber environment a safer, more respectful and empowering space for Malaysians through strategic legislative advocacy and public awareness campaign.

We invite you to:

  • Create awareness among your peers about online harassment by requesting a screening of Viral Sial followed by a group discussion of 20 or more people. Please contact Pusat KOMAS or PeopleACT to arrange this.
  • Prevent online harassment by protecting your loved ones and yourself. Request a group digital security training workshop conducted by EMPOWER. Please contact Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER) for details.
  • Contribute to PeopleACT’s research on how online harassment affects you so that we can help policy or law-makers and enforcers to address the issue effectively. Share your experience of online harassment with PeopleACT.
  • Participate in PeopleACT’s online survey on how online harassment affects you. Please click the survey in English or Malay.
  • Help PeopleACT to document incidents of online harassment by sending screenshots of harassment you witnessed online by clicking here.
  • Join our campaign by sharing articles or other media content that promote awareness on online harassment in your social media account with the hashtag #takfunny and #PeopleACT.
  • Join our campaign by being a volunteer for PeopleACT.

Check UndiMsia! Facebook page and Twitter account for updates on PeopleACT or contact Mazni Ibrahim at [email protected] or 03-2201 1454.

For detailed information on the project, click on the concept note in EnglishMalay and Mandarin.

UndiMsia! is the first-of-its-kind civic education programme in Malaysia, aimed at strengthening the ownership, participation and representation of youths on their right to vote and civic responsibility. Its goal is for youths to develop critical thinking and solve issues affecting them through effective forms of activism.

Projects under UndiMsia! are designed based on four pillars; information, process, action and platform for a coalition of civil society.