Completing the Laporan Rakyat

If you are completing the Laporan Rakyat online, please ignore sections A, B and C.

If you look closely, you will see dotted lines and an image of a pair of scissors on the top left-hand corner of the page. On the printed version, those two pages are perforated and are meant to be torn out and to be taken home with the respondents so that they can refer to it when needed.

Please email the completed copy to [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Laporan Rakyat and share this with your friends!

UndiMsia! and CPPS have released the first phase of the findings in March 2012.

Download: English PDF | Bahasa PDF

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Laporan Rakyat – Interim Report


Ini dia! Finally, the Interim Report of the Laporan Rakyat. This Interim Report is based on preliminary analysis of 197 questionnaires, by respondents aged 18 years to 80 years. Want to find out how many people in Hulu Langat know their MP and ADUN? Know where their service centre is located? What are the top five issues that the people of Hulu Langat want their MP/ADUN to solve? Also, see how they rate their MP/ADUN. Click here for the report!

Big thanks to the staff and volunteers who tirelessly went to Hulu Langat week after week to speak to the people of Hulu Langat!

UndiMsia! is the first-of-its-kind civic education programme in Malaysia, aimed at strengthening the ownership, participation and representation of youths on their right to vote and civic responsibility. Its goal is for youths to develop critical thinking and solve issues affecting them through effective forms of activism.

Projects under UndiMsia! are designed based on four pillars; information, process, action and platform for a coalition of civil society.