Our Resource Centre is aimed to provide the resources and space for the rakyat (people) especially youths to increase their knowledge on their rights, the law, history, and democracy, in line with our mission to strengthen the protection of human rights and to raise awareness on issues that matter among youths in Malaysia.

The Resource Centre’s collections now contain more than 1,800 titles on various topics and includes law reports, human rights reports, and periodicals. As a registered member, you may also borrow, hold, and renew books from the General Collection.

Our Resource Centre is temporarily closed to the public. However, we offer Postal Book Loan service to members who would like to borrow books in the General Collection. Registered members also have access to our Digital Archive. 

To see what’s available in our collections, go to pusatrakyatlb.libib.com.

Before signing up and for more information, please read our Rules and Terms of UseTo sign up as a member, please complete the registration form.

If you have any questions, please contact the team at [email protected].