Why You Should Wise Up?

With the rise of social media, everyone’s voice can be heard. Netizens are often free to use words and images to get a rise out of others, even at their most vulnerable. But there is a point when trolling escalates beyond the offensive and shocking into cyberharassment or cyberstalking — actions that are not regulated.

To implore people to choose their words wisely and be aware of their actions, PeopleACT (People Against Cyber Threats/Harassment), an initiative by the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) under its UndiMsia! programme, has launched a campaign called #WiseUpWithWan to implore people like you and me to put their wise hats on and address cyberharassment.

The Stats Are Alarming

Cyberharassment is the third most dangerous threat after fraud and intrusion as revealed by CyberSecurity Malaysia.

In fact, a survey conducted by PeopleACT last year found that 400 Malaysians felt that hateful comments is a violent form of cyberharassment.

1 in 6 men (as opposed to 1 in 9 women) have experienced online shaming—having their personal details and photos exposed by someone who disagrees with them. Women are at least twice as likely to be victims of online sexual harassment (20.9%) compared to men (9.8%).

Can We Wise Up and Act Better?

To stamp down violence and shoot down hate within our online space, as netizens, we need your help:


Help Wan respond to any hate comments you see on the internet by commenting and responding with the below poster and hashtag #WiseUpWithWan.

Words can hurt more than you know. Wise Up and Let Go!

Download poster by clicking here: ENGLISH versionMALAY version, CHINESE versions.

Don’t Let Cyberharassment Win and Wan Tells You Why:

Jangan Biarkan Gangguan Siber Meraih Kemenangan. Wan Jelaskan Mengapa:

Wan 告诉你为什么不能让网络骚扰胜出:

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