MCCHR-PusatRakyat LB Resource Centre

1. Collections
All items available at the Resource Centre can be found at

  • 1.1 General
    Various titles related to subjects including politics, law, human rights, history, philosophy and economics. Available for loan to registered members only.
  • 1.2 Legal Reference
    Academic journals, reports, bulletins, periodicals, and magazines, including the Malayan Law Journal and Halsbury’s. Available for onsite reference only.

2. WiFi and Laptops
Free WiFi is available for all users with their own mobile devices. There are no PCs onsite.

3. Dos and Don’ts when using the Resource Centre

  • DO respect other users and observe silence
  • DO switch off or turn mobile phones to silent mode
  • DO handle all books, materials, and furniture with care
  • DO keep the Resource Centre clean and tidy at all times
  • DO place books no longer in use and returned books in the designated trolley
  • DON’T wear your shoes into the Resource Centre and the MCCHR premises
  • DON’T smoke in the Resource Centre and in any part of the MCCHR premises
  • DON’T eat or drink at the Resource Centre
  • DON’T leave any personal belongings behind – any unclaimed items will be disposed
  • DON’T forget to return any book that you may borrow on time

4. Membership

  • 4.1 Everyone is welcomed to access and use the workspace at the Resource Centre during opening hours. However, only registered members may borrow, hold, and self-renew books.
  • 4.2 Membership registration requires online submission of application form and payment of the membership fee of RM 30.00 plus security deposit of RM 100.00.
  • 4.3 Once registered, members may use their Patron ID to borrow books using the self-
    checkout kiosk, and track their loans, renewal, and hold books online through
  • 4.4 The security deposit paid will be refunded upon any termination of membership or
    permanent closure of the Resource Centre, whichever earlier, subject always to any outstanding fines under paragraph 5.3 or forfeiture of deposit under section 6.

5. Loans, Renewals, Fines

  • 5.1 Each member may borrow up to THREE books at one time for up to 30 days.
  • 5.2 Before the expiry of the initial 30-day borrowing period, members may self-renew a
    book on loan for up to another 30 days unless the book is already on hold by another member.
  • 5.3 The Resource Centre applies a one-time renewal policy. A fine at the rate of RM
    1.00 per day for each book on loan will be charged to the responsible member on the 61st day from the initial check-out date and onwards.

6. Damage, Loss and Forfeiture of Deposit

  • 6.1 Members are responsible for all books on loan under their name, including to return
    the books on time and to protect the books from any damage, loss or theft.
  • 6.2 Members shall immediately notify MCCHR in writing of any damage, loss or theft
    caused to any book on loan from the Resource Centre.
  • 6.3 MCCHR shall forfeit the security deposit of the responsible member for:
    (a) any substantial damage or loss caused to any book borrowed in his/her name; or
    (b) failing to return any book borrowed in his/her name within 90 days from the initial checkout date.
  • 6.4 If the current market value of the damaged, lost or unreturned book is more than
    RM 100.00, the responsible member shall be additionally liable to pay the excess value of the damaged, lost or unreturned book to MCCHR immediately; failing which his/her membership will be automatically terminated.

7. Disclaimer
MCCHR reserves the right to:

  • (a) require any user to leave the Resource Centre in any event of inappropriate conduct or emergency;
  • (b) forfeit the security deposit of the responsible member if any of the circumstances
    under paragraph 6.3 arises;
  • (c) terminate the membership if the circumstance under paragraph 6.4 arises; and
  • (d) close the Resource Centre permanently.

Questions & Comments
Please call +60 3 2201 1454 or email to [email protected] for any comments or questions about these Rules and Terms of Use.