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How Cyber-Harassment Ruined My Life


I am not going to talk much about my six months in the rehab centre- what is there to talk about? Listened to a lot of lectures about morality, was constantly asked if I had repented, etc. I just felt more and more ostracised and isolated and alone with each passing day, and I just got more and more depressed until it just hit a point where I just stopped caring about everything in general. They brought my parents to the centre for a therapy session where they cried in front of me and I just didn’t care. My own parents disowned me and I didn’t feel much at all. My heart was empty by that time. I felt numb.

After I was released, I drifted for a while, but a very old friend took me under her wing and helped me get my life back together. I used to find it very hard to get to know people and form relationships after everything happened, but my friend forced me to see a therapist. She managed to help me with a lot of those issues, although I still tend to be very detached emotionally. She suggested that helping others who have been in my shoes, and spreading awareness about the consequences of cyber-harassment might help me find closure.

So, here I am, writing this out for the world to see. I honestly feel that revenge would be a better way of closure – I want J to be exposed for the liar that he is and for his facade to be torn down, but then who would believe me? I want him to suffer like I did – I want him to languish in jail for 6 months like I did in my own home and in that rehab centre. But I’ll settle for helping others, for now.

*Inspired by a real survivor’s account

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